The Audrey Chapman Foundation For Learning Raising Children Through The Arts Program
Our Mission is to bring the arts to undeserved communities including children with special needs. The Audrey Chapman Foundation For Learning, Inc. delivers programs in collaboration with local artists, art groups and volunteers.

We believe mentoring a child through art encourages their voice to be heard. We offer studio, after-school art and education programs serving children in need of expressing themselves through art. The Audrey Chapman Foundation introduces positive role models and professional artists who promote teamwork and participation while nurturing a child's self-confidence. We mentor through Art programs to support educational objectives as well as social development of children.

Our community programs include events, exhibitions, art and music presentations and activities promoting cultural development in underserved communities because Art works!

We need your help by becoming a partner or joining the effort to help share the responsibility of bringing the arts to those in need. The Audrey Chapman Foundation For Learning relies on grants and donations to assure art programs are accessible and free to the most neglected communities. We’re asking individuals, businesses and organizations to align with our community's artists and educators to ensure the health, education, and wellness of children in undeserved populations with a desire to be apart of the Arts.

You can improve education through arts integration and make learning to read, understanding math, and grasping science and history easier for students. We appreciate professional artists and musicians and offer the opportunity to mentor through Art by volunteering.

Art space for kids, Teens, Summer Art Camp, Public Art Shows and Artful Events are held at The Audrey Chapman Foundation For Learning.  Art enables children to express themselves, have an imagination and be creative as well as the drive to become critical-thinkers.
The Audrey Chapman Foundation For Leaning Regents Preparation Program

Regents Prep Program:
One of our goals is to help high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.
We offer Regents review classes in all major subjects and understand the importance of the Regents examinations and the pressures they place on students.  Our teachers provide students with the content, skills, and confidence they need to excel on their Regents exams.  

We understand each students learning style is different and each student may not excel in every academic subject. We therefore aim to maximize strengths and strengthen weaknesses.