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    It Happened at Raven's Summer Camp

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    The season of summer is the best time for children to have fun and explore the outdoors. Raven’s Day Camp offers an enriched and fun filled summer for all our campers. Campers participate in an exciting day trips, Arts and Craft, Weekly themed events, Themed Days, Dance and Sports activities. All campers also have a daily academic program for Mathematics and ELA for their upcoming grade levels.


     Here are some of the activities from last year’s Summer Camp that the Campers enjoyed immensely.

    Themed Events : Mardi Gras, Newspaper Fashion Show, Raven’s Camp Idol, Camp Jam, Raven’s Dance Off, Talent Show, Art Show

    Day Trips: NYC Foot Tour, Roller Skating, Bowling, Coney Island, Quassy Park, Adventure land.

    Dance: Modern, Hip-hop African, Step,

    Themed Days: Crazy hair, Blast from the past, Pajama Day, Bubble Fest, Criss Cross

    Sports Activities: Basket Ball, Soccer, Football Track and Field 




    03 April 2013, 12:43