Our Mission

Raven's Early Childhood Center functions on the premise that students at all levels of development- mental, physical and emotional- perform best in an environment that is challenging, nurturing and safe. Armed with this knowledge, Raven's School' directors, faculty and staff are committed to providing and facilitating a learning environment of the highest standard.

  • We ensure that our learners are introduced at the earliest possible time to the New York State Core Curriculum Standards.
  • We expose or students to the hands-on use of technology and include the tools in all aspects of teaching and learning.
  • We emphasize collaborative partnerships among students, teachers and parents, enabling shared responsibilities and the smooth flow of communication.
  • We create and stimulate the holistic development of each learner with the confidence that the best can be realized with patience, diligence and dedication.

Our ultimate goal is to fully realize the social and intellectual potential of all students, preparing them to compete in an ever-changing society.